SMOK - test rig for experimental evaluation of the dynamically loaded journal bearing characteristics

Test rig SMOK is used for research into dynamically loaded journal bearing behaviour. Especially it is suitable for: determination of the fatigue resistance of the bearing lining as a function of material and design characteristics of the bearings.

Schematic view of the test rig (click sketch to enlarge):

  1. Eccentric shaft
  2. Supporting bearing
  3. Tested bearing
  4. Tested bearing housing
  5. Bearing shell
  6. Connecting rod
  7. Upper chamber
  8. Lower chamber
  9. piston
  10. pin
  11. piston rod
  12. foundation
  13. plate
  14. fixing bolt
  15. rig case
  16. rig bolt
  17. non return valve
  18. orifice

Photo of test rig:


  • Max load: up to 160 kN
  • Amplitude of load oscillations: up to 120 kN
  • Shaft rotational speed: 600 - 4500 rpm
  • Dimensions of tested bearing: diameter 40-80mm,  max length 50mm

Measured and controlled quantities:

  • Rotational speed of the shaft
  • Mean and amplitude load on bearing
  • Temperatures of tested and supporting bearings
  • Temperature and pressure of the lubricating oil delivered to the tested bearing

Examples of the research:

  • Research on possible service failures of the dynamically loaded journal bearings. KBN research projects 7T07B 01409, 1996 - Technical Report

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