PT-1, PT-2, PT-3

PT-1, PT-2, PT-3 - vertical spindle rotational motion tribometers

The PT series test rigs PT-1, PT-2 and PT-3 were designed with the predestination for the determination of fundamental friction - wear characteristics of various bearing materials for both, sliding and rolling applications. Tested specimens support and loading systems are hydrostatic.

Schematic view of the PT-3 test rig (click sketch to enlarge):

  1. lower specimen
  2. upper specimen
  3. fiction torque transducer
  4. membrane spring
  5. journal of the spherical hydrostatic bearing
  6. cup of the spherical hydrostatic bearing
  7. plunger
  8. AC electric motor
  9. belt transmission
  10. hydrostatic thrust bearing
  11. spindle
  12. spindle rotational velocity transducer
  13. spindle radial hydrostatic bearings
  14. plunger radial hydrostatic bearings
  15. housing

Photo of test head:


  • Maximum load: 10 kN
  • Maximum spindle speed: 0 - 6000 rpm
  • Various specimen arrangements e.g.:
    - 4 - ball,
    - ring on flat,
    - cone on 3 - balls
  • Controlled temperature of the test lubricant

Measured or calculated quantities:

  • Friction force
  • Temperature of specimens and/or lubricant
  • Acceleration in friction induced vibratory motion (normal and tangential)
  • Displacements of lower specimen (normal and tangential)

Examples of the research:

  • Friction and wear of solid materials (metal alloys, plastics, ceramics or composite) proposed for different machine elements in either lubricated or unlubricated contact
  • Comparative tests of bearing or friction materials
  • Comparative tests of lubricants
  • The influence of lubricant on tribological processes
  • Friction induced vibration

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