FRET-3 - test rig for measurement of fretting wear

Test rig FRET3 is used for fretting wear investigation of materials in concentrated contact. In standard arrangement there is a cylindrical moving specimen pressed against a stationary specimen of flat tested surface and driven by electromagnetic vibrator. The relative sliding motion between specimens is a high frequency, low amplitude linear oscillation in the direction of the cylinder movable specimen axis.

Schematic view of test head (click sketch to enlarge):

Photo of test head:


  • Load: up to 50 N
  • Amplitude of oscillations: 10 - 100 μm
  • Frequency of oscillations: 0 - 500 Hz
  • Dimensions of moving specimen: diameter 10 mm, thickness 2 mm

Measured or calculated quantities:

  • Linear or volume amount of wear of specimens
  • Amplitude of oscillations
  • Friction force
  • Number of cycles

Examples of the research:

  • Research of fretting wear resistance of different dry and lubricated materials for DSc thesis and PhD thesis
  • A. Neyman, O. Olszewski: Research on fretting wear dependence of hardness ratio and friction coefficient of fretted couple. Wear 162-164 (1993)
  • A. Neyman: The influence of oil properties on fretting wear of mild steel. Wear 152 (1992)

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