MWO - test rig for experimental evaluation of endurance limit of the dynamically loaded journal bearing bushes

MWO test stand is a machine with rotating load vector for investigating fatigue strength of plain bearing surface layer. Two model bearing 1 housed in the supports 4 are simultaneously investigated. Bearing loading is produced by rotation of a dynamically unbalanced shaft 2 with masses 3. Bearing housings are fixed to a stabilising bar 6 supported on ball joint 8 and four flexible joints 7. Bearings are fed with lubricating oil through the system of holes in the shaft. Owing to load rotation, identical variable normal stresses occur at each point of slide layer in given cross-section of the bearing bush during the loading cycle. These are pulsating compressive radial stresses and variable tangential stresses that alternate from tension to compression.

Schematic view of head unit (click sketch to enlarge):

  1. tested bearing
  2. shaft
  3. loading masses
  4. bearing support
  5. Cardan universal joint
  6. elastic joint
  7. roller follower
  8. ball-and-socket joint
  9. spring

Photo of test rig:

Photo of test head:


  • Maximum rotary bearing reaction: 120kN
  • Maximum specific load: 128 MPa
  • Shaft rotational speed: 300 - 4500 rpm
  • Diameter of standard journal: 52.700 mm
  • Width of the bush: up to 50 mm
  • Fatigue test sequence according to two-point strategy

Measured and controlled quantities:

  • Magnitude of load
  • Number of load cycles
  • Shaft rotational speed
  • Bearing temperature
  • Feed pressure of lubricating oil
  • Oil temperature
  • Intensity of oil flow

Examples of the research:

  • KBN research projects:
    - 7 T07B 01409
    - 7 T07B 03319
    - 4 T07B 02928
  • research on endurance limit of metallic multilayer slide bearing strips manufactured by Federal Mogul-Bimet Factory

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