SKMR-1 - test rig for fatigue investigation of multilayer bearing strips (Patent PL 187604)

SKMR-1 tester is used for fatigue testing of metallic multilayer flat strips of bearing material. The shape and dimensions of specimens are in accordance with ISO 7905/3 recommendations. The test rig allows to produce in investigated samples the fluctuating bending stresses of adjustable mean and amplitude components. Additionally, the sample of bearing strip immersed in the lubricant of specified type can be subjected to fluctuating pressure of that oil at various temperature.

Schematic view of head unit (click sketch to enlarge):

  1. specimen
  2. specimen holder
  3. movable specimen fixture
  4. pusher
  5. roller follower
  6. eccentric
  7. pressure generator
  8. cam follower
  9. eccentric

Photo of test rig:

Photo of test rig:

Specification of the research method:

  • Fatigue load as fluctuating bending stresses of adjustable mean and amplitude components
  • Frequency of loading: up to 50 Hz
  • Frequency of oscillations: 0 - 50 Hz
  • Controlled fluctuating pressure and temperature of oil in tester chamber
  • Controlled of specimen environment
  • Fatigue test sequence according to two-point strategy

Examples of the research:

  • KBN research projects:
    - 7 T07B 01409
    - 7 T07B 03319
    - 4 T07B 02928 and research on endurance limit of metallic multilayer slide bearing strips manufactured by Federal Mogul-Bimet Factory

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