SOOG - test rig for measurement of wear resistance under micro oscillations

SOOG test rig is used for determining the wear characteristics for specimens with flat contact surfaces made of various materials and working without lubricant. In standard arrangement there are two fixed specimens of the tested material pressed against the counter-specimen made of stainless steel (other materials may also be used). The specimen relative sliding motion is a high frequency, low amplitude linear oscillation.

Schematic view of test head (click sketch to enlarge):

  1. lower specimen
  2. specimen holder
  3. upper specimen
  4. counter-specimen
  5. return spring
  6. roller follower
  7. drive shaft with an eccentric cam (e)
N - load
n - rotational velocity

Photo of test head:


  • Load: up to 1500 N
  • Amplitude of oscillations: 80 - 120 μm
  • Frequency of oscillations: 0 - 93 Hz
  • Dimensions of moving specimen:10 mm square, thickness 6 mm

Measured or calculated quantities:

  • Linear or total amount of wear of specimens (nominal or real)
  • Temperature of centre of counter-specimen
  • Ambient temperature of testing unit
  • Friction force (amount and course versus time)
  • Friction coefficient (static or kinetic)
  • Number of cycles

Examples of the research:

  • Ecological bearing systems for guide vanes of water turbines - Project No. 7T07C 09498 financed by Committee of Scientific Research - head Phd. O. Olszewski (in Polish)
  • Research for selection the best dry bearing material being to use into bearing of guide vanes of water turbine Solina (in Polish)
  • Prediction of the durability of sliding units under microoscilation conditions - Project No. 7T07C 00817 - head Phd. O. Olszewski (in Polish)

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